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This Mandala was gifted to this site by the Artist,

Gail Alexander,

who is a supporter of all first responders.  

Other mandalas, or copies of this are available from the Artist at

Ms. Alexander has an entire set of mandalas, art work, jewelry, books, journals, mandala coloring books and meditation discs available.

Coming soon, LE, EMS/FF and Telecommunicators Mandala cards, with the corresponding support prayer on the back.

Please join us for an Evening of Support & Connecting for

LE Spouses and Significant Others


Our next meeting is TBD, 7:00p - 9:00

Immediately before & after, casual conversations

AIC 210 Fifth Street, Ste. 103, St. Charles, Illinois

RSVP & Questions

We are pleased to invite you supportive and confidential meeting for LE Spouses and Significant Others.  This meeting allows to discussion and support specific for LE couples and families, and to get to know other spouses/significant others.  

This is designed to be confidential and respectful to the spouses and their departments.  The idea is to address the specific challenges that LE families and couples face, as there are specific differences from civilian families.  We also hope to support not only survival, but thriving successfully through those challenges for the entire family.  

With this opportunity, we hope to increase support and to decrease isolation, connecting with others who share similar challenges.  Someone in the meeting may have faced the same challenges, and be able to offer some wisdom and suggestions to help and support.  The meeting helps people involved to get together to talk about concerns and challenges that impact your relationship, that may involve the specifics of the job, the department, the schedule and social impact of having a loved one in law enforcement.  With increased support and connection, and decreased isolation, we hope to build an opportunity for networking and connection with others who understand the specific challenges families in public service face. 

We understand the importance of confidentiality within law enforcement couples and families.  They can't just talk (or even complain) to their friends and families about their jobs, coworkers and bosses the way other couples can.  And, in the current culture, many families struggle with the open hostility being focused on the police. Many times families feel they have to defend their police officer family member to the public.  

And, they have the difficult balance of trying to get support when the importance of confidentiality and privacy is also present.  This is important to us too. We talk about the importance of this, and all members who participate are asked to respect this.  We also set some limits on discussing specific department related concerns or complaints, and make provisions for private conversations if needed.  This group is for support for the LE families, and not about the department. 

We hope you will consider joining us!