These mandalas were gifts, in honor of those who serve as Law Enforcement, Fire and Telecommunication professionals.  They are original works of art by Gail Alexander.

Uniformed First Responders  (UFR) face challenges unique to their professions.  This work has specific impact on the health and well-being of first responders, above and beyond the obvious risks inherent in their professions.   This includes the impact of rotating shifts, sleep & nutrition problems, cumulative stress,  and alienation from , distrust or mistrust of those not in the field.  The work takes a toll, personally as well. Ongoing attention to resiliency, wellness and critical stress management is important for career survival.  

Career Survival is important.

  • Our forensic services are specifically tailored for LEO, FF/EMS & first responder, telecommunications and disaster responder personnel. 

  • Military personnel experience.
  • We can work to accommodate urgent referrals from administration, supervisors, family members and concerned friends for high-risk officer situations.
  • Specializations in critical incident and cumulative stress and trauma, career survival, and first responder family related issues.
  • Sleep Hygiene, Disordered Sleep Assessment.
  • Health & Wellness.
  • Urgent officer support and intervention.
  • Critical Incident consultation and support.
  • Fitness for duty evaluations.
  • Career transition support.
  • Department Professional Education Seminars. 
  • Roll call training.
  • Officers' Spouses & Significant Others Support Meetings free of charge.  See posting. 

Officer's Spousal & Significant Others Support Meetings

An opportunity for Networking, Connection, Support & Friendship.

First responder families have some specific challenges because of the type of, culture of, and specifics of the job.  The family serves too, and has some different pressures than civilian families have. 

This meeting provides an opportunity for LE/FF/EMS wives/significant others to meet and talk in a confidential setting about concerns that are specific to LE couples and families, getting to know other wives/significant others and having fun in an evening out. 

The idea is to get together to talk about your specific concerns, offer support, educations, connection and even answer some questions that you might have about what your spouse/significant others deals with as a result of the job, the department and the impact of the job on your relationship and family.

This is a confidential support meeting, participants respect the importance of respect towards their specific department, and balance between talking about their own specific concerns and managing issues specific to the occupation and lifestyle impacting their relationships. 

We take confidentiality very seriously, and no information about specific departments, specific people or identifying information is shared, or leaves the discussion.  Your confidentiality and privacy is really important to all involved in this meeting. 

Call or email for dates.  Or see flyer on the LE group page. 

These Support Meetings are free of charge. 

RSVP is preferred.  Contact Kammie Juzwin at

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Psychological Wellness Services

Designed to your specific needs.  Individual, Family or Department.

Our services for LE, FF/EMS/DISP and first responders are tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide departmental, individual, couple and family services. We also work with departments on the whole range of problems that can come up urgently involving officers.  Our clinicians work with departments and officers on concerns including wellness restoration, or stabilization of critical incident, trauma or cumulative stress or burn-out.  

We also work with LE and other professionals who work in computer crimes, crimes against children, and victim advocacy.  We can provide consultation meetings on a fee-for-service basis. 

Many EAPS's are not familiar with the culture of first responders, we are.  Our practice is able to accommodate many needs that departments have that are specific to their concerns and needs.   We can tailor a program that fits your department or individual needs.

Our experienced forensic police psychologists can help develop services specific to your needs, including critical incident response, departmental education, consultation and assessment.