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A 4-session Intensive Group  Process, Skills & Education Program for

Trauma, Eating Disorders & Self-Injury Recovery

Must have four members to start, 8 maxium.  This is a closed cohort-based group.  No open or rolling starts. 

Registration begins in DECEMBER, closes December 20, 2017

New INTENSIVE Group beginning January 2018

Four Saturdays 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

This is a concentrated group based therapy program for individuals 16-years and older who have struggled anxiety and depression, and also are dealing with the impact of trauma, and also have problems with eating disorders and/or self-injury.  The focus is building self-management and emotional regulation-based skills to help manage self-destructive urges & impulses. 

Why a group?  In a group setting, participants are given the opportunity to connect and decrease isolation.  Group discussions are aimed at helping form healthy expectations, accountability and support.  The structure offered by the group format can help provide stability and direction in recovery, and can help provide a sense of predictability for the next step of growth. 

Why so concentrated?  The idea is to have some opportunity to learn and apply skills and then process them in session, followed up with integration between our meetings.  

Many people who have a trauma history struggle with merging their past experiences into their present experiences.  Our group is present focused, designed at helping create a new present life, and decreasing the self-destructive and sabotaging behaviors that get in the way of stability and happiness.  Many people rotate through periods of time where they manage the chaos in their lives with self-destructive behaviors like substance abuse, disordered eating, self-injury and unhealthy relationships.   Constant battles with suicidal thinking are often present too.  These patterns cause significant impairment in their lives.  The group addresses these issues directly, while sending the message that people can manage without being self-destructive or losing more control.

Participants must also be working with an individual therapist, as the group is designed as building off of the work being done in individual work.

The group involves management skills, structured journal exercises, experiential and process (discussion) group elements. There are practice exercises to do between sessions.  It involves a thorough intake assessment and ongoing symptom severity assessment.  Light snacks will be provided, and you are welcome to bring a healthy snack with you.  

The cost for all 4 session is $400, 1/2 paid in advance, 1/2 at session 3.  

Insurance can not be billed for this service. 

There is paperwork to do to register for the class in advance. 

Contact the, please include your name and phone number.