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This Mandala was gifted to this site by the Artist,

Gail Alexander,

who is a supporter of all first responders.  

Other mandalas, or copies of this are available from the Artist at

Ms. Alexander has an entire set of mandalas, art work, jewelry, books, journals, mandala coloring books and meditation discs available.

Coming soon, LE, EMS/FF and Telecommunicators Mandala cards, with the corresponding support prayer on the back.

Post-Incident Follow-Up Consultations & On-Call Support

We offer confidential post-incident follow-up consultations for officers and uniformed responders who are involved in critical incidents, where additional support beyond debriefing may be helpful.  These consultations are done at the request of the individual, or from their department.  They are not fitness for duty evaluations.  The goal is stress management, support and education to mitigate post-traumatic stress. 

A consultation of this nature is designed to offer support, critical incident stress education, and help provide a confidential and supportive outlet to discuss the incident further.  If further assistance or services are needed, those recommendations will be given.  Providers of these consultations are practitioners who work with first responders.

Typically, we can provide an appointment within 24-hours.  We can provide liaison with a department prior to needing services to help explain what is available in these services, as well as other important referrals, including information related to the Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management (NI-CISM) team. 

These services as fee-for-service based, and we would be happy to discuss the specifics further.  We provide affiliation contracts to departments for emergency situations and 24/7 support availability.

Please contact Dr. Juzwin, for further information.