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Innovative Approaches.

Our agency has clinicians who are experts working with first responders.  We offer:

Post-Incident Supportive Follow-Up Consultations,  

Pre-Employment Psychological Examinations  (PEPE) 


Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE) 



Our clinicians have more than 20 years experience conducting pre-employment psychological examinations (PEPE) and Fitness for Duty  examinations (FFDE) for Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS services and Telecommunication agencies.  We are connected to the important professional groups to maintain our competency and remain current with the demands in the industry. We offer these services as contractors for multiple assessment agencies.   

Our clinicians are experienced in supervision, consultation, creating assessment protocol, and are experienced at conducting and presenting research, developing professionals in the police and first responder personnel psychology.  We understand the important components related to decision making, guidelines and parameters for selection in the state of Illinios. 

We can educate our clients regarding what a Fitness for Duty Evaluation is and is not.  We can also discuss wellness and post-incident support options for OIS and critical incident response as well. 

Please contact Dr. Juzwin if you are interested in Assessments for your Community.  We work as consultants through various assessment agencies, and can discuss the best options for your agency.